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National Center for Seismology

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

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S.No Title Document
1 Earthquake Report on M:5.3 in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh on 4th April 2024 View/DownloadPDF icon(444 KB)English
2 Preliminary Earthquake report of 2nd April M 7.4, Taiwan earthquake View/DownloadPDF icon(167 KB)English
3 Earthquake Report of M 4.5 occurred in Hingoli, Maharashtra on 21st March 2024 View/DownloadPDF icon(482 KB)English
4 Earthquake Report on M:5.2 in Ladakh on 19th February 2024 View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English


A Preliminary Report of December 18, 2023 Kargil, Ladakh Earthquake (M 5.5) View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English
6 A Preliminary Report on the 2nd December 2023, Bangladesh Earthquake (M 5.6) View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English
7 A Preliminary Earthquake Report of November 06, 2023, Karnali provinces, Western Nepal (M 5.6) View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English
8 A Preliminary Earthquake Report of November 03, 2023, Karnali provinces, Western Nepal (M 6.4) View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English
9 A Preliminary Report of 22nd October 2023, Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake (M 5.3) View/DownloadPDF icon(428 KB)English
10 A Preliminary Report of October 03, 2023, Western Nepal Earthquake (M 6.2) View/DownloadPDF icon(239 KB)English
11 A Preliminary Report on October 02, 2023 North Garo Hills, Meghalaya, Earthquake (M 5.2) View/DownloadPDF icon(239 KB)English
12 A Preliminary Report of September 11th, 2023 Myanmar Earthquake (M 5.1) View/DownloadPDF icon(239 KB)English
13 A Preliminary Report of August 14th, 2023 Bangladesh Earthquake (M 5.4) View/DownloadPDF icon(388 KB)English
14 A Preliminary Report of August 05th,2023 Hindu Kush Region,Afghanistan Earthquake(M 5.8) View/DownloadPDF icon(388 KB)English
15 Earthquake Report on M 5.8, Andaman Islands occurred on 29th July, 2023 View/DownloadPDF icon(490 KB)English
16 Earthquake Report on M 4.4, Jaipur, Rajasthan occurred on 21th July 2023 View/DownloadPDF icon(490 KB)English
17 Earthquake Report on M 5.4, Jammu and Kashmir occurred on 13th June 2023 View/DownloadPDF icon(640 KB)English
18 A Preliminary Report of March 21, 2023, Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan Earthquake (M: 6.6) View/DownloadPDF icon(548 KB)English
19 Earthquake Report on M:6.7, Tajikistan occurred on 23rd February 2023. View/DownloadPDF icon(837 KB)English
20 An Information and Report of February 06, 2023 Turkey-Syria Border Earthquake (M:7.7). View/DownloadPDF icon(1205 KB)English
21 A Preliminary Report of January 24, 2023, Nepal Earthquake (M 5.8). View/DownloadPDF icon(1205 KB)English
22 Report of Earthquake of M:3.8, at Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, occurred on 22.01.2023. View/DownloadPDF icon(315 KB)English
23 A report on Earthquake activity in Shahapur Taluka, Thane District, Maharashtra. View/DownloadPDF icon(245 KB)English
24 A Preliminary Report on December 5, 2022, Bay of Bengal Earthquake (M 5.1). View/DownloadPDF icon(473 KB)English
25 A Preliminary Report on November 12, 2022 Nepal Earthquake (M 5.4). View/DownloadPDF icon(1064 KB)English
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