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National Center for Seismology

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

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Who is who

Image of Dr. M. Ravichandran

Dr. Muthalagu Ravichandran

Email - secretary[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in

Tel. No. - +91-11-24669578

Image of Dr. O.P. Mishra

Dr. Om Prakash Mishra PDF icon(57kb) English

Email - director-ncs[at]gov[dot]in

Tel. No. - +91-11-24611305
                  +91-11-2462 2511


Image Name Designation Email id Sections Tel. No. Publications
Dr. Gaddale Suresh Dr. Gaddale Suresh Scientist-G g[dot]suresh[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NSN +91-11-43824517 -
Dr. Jia Lal Gautam Dr. Jia Lal Gautam PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-F jl[dot]gautam[at]nic[dot]in GA +91-11-43824589 -
Dr. Ajeet Prakash Pandey Dr. Ajeet Prakash Pandey PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-F ajeet[dot]prakash[at]moes[dot]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-4382 4435 -
Sh. Ravi Kant Singh Sh. Ravi Kant Singh PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E rk74[dot]singh[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NSN, EMC +91-11-43824459 -
Dr. Himanshu Shekhar Mandal Dr. Himanshu Shekhar Mandal PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E hs[dot]mandal[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in SHM +91-11-43824573 -
Dr Andrew Cuthbert Lyngdoh Dr Andrew Cuthbert Lyngdoh PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E ac[dot]lyngdoh[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NESC +91-364-2560075 -
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Prajapati Dr. Sanjay Kumar Prajapati PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E sanjay[dot]kp[at]nic[dot]in BGRL +91-11-43824434 View
Dr. Babita Sharma Dr. Babita Sharma PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E babita[dot]s[at]nic[dot]in BPR +91-11-24640510 View
Dr. Kapil Mohan Dr. Kapil Mohan PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E kapil[dot]mohan12[at]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-43824574 View
Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E ajay[dot]pratap[at]gov[dot]in NSN +91-11-43824567 View
Dr. Himanshu Mittal Dr. Himanshu Mittal PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-E himanshu[dot]mittal[at]gov[dot]in NSN +91-11-43824573 View
Dr. Ambikapathy Ammani Dr. Ambikapathy Ammani PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-C ammani[dot]ambikapathy[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NSN, GA +91-11-43824424 View
Sh. Vedprakash Thakur Sh. Vedprakash Thakur PDF icon(50kb) English Scientist-C vedprakash[dot]thakur[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in EMC +91-11-43824434 -
Sh. Shankar Pal Sh. Shankar Pal Scientist-C shanker[dot]pal86[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in EMC +91-11-24619943 -
Ms. Sireesha Jaladi Ms. Sireesha Jaladi Scientist-C sireesha[dot]jaladi[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in SHM +91-11-24640510 -

Officials and Assistant

Image Name Designation Email id Sections Tel. No.
Image of Sh. Anil Kumar Sh. Anil Kumar Meteorologist B - BPR +91-11-43824567
Image of  Sh. Rajiv Kumar Sh. Rajiv Kumar Meteorologist B rajeev[dot]manhas[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-43824412
Image of Sh. Nimai chand Das Sh. Nimai chand Das Meteorologist B - NSN -
Image of Sh. Ajay Kumar Verma Sh. Ajay Kumar Verma Meteorologist A - NSN -
Image of Dr. Ved Prakash Dr. Ved Prakash Meteorologist A - NSN -
Image of  Sh. Ajay Sh. Ajay Meteorologist A - EMC +91-11-43824484
Image of Sh. Pawan Kumar Gupta Sh. Pawan Kumar Gupta Meteorologist B pkgupta0463[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in - +91-11-43824436
Image of Sh. Bhagwan Sahai Meena Sh. Bhagwan Sahai Meena Meteorologist B bhagwanmeena72[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-43824412
Image of Sh. Lajja Ram Sh. Lajja Ram Meteorologist A - NSN +91-11-43824484
Image of Sh. Ganesh Iyer Sh. Ganesh Iyer Meteorologist A - NSN +91-11-43824593
Image of Sh. Susanta Ranjan Paul Sh. Susanta Ranjan Paul Meteorologist A sr[dot]paul[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NSN +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Sh. M. Wankhar Sh. M. Wankhar Meteorologist A - NESC -
Image of Ms. Connie Ferra Nongkynrih Ms. Connie Ferra Nongkynrih Meteorologist A connie[dot]nongkynrih[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in NESC -
Image of Sh. Oscar Kujur Sh. Oscar Kujur A.O.- II - GA +91-11-43824348
Image of Sh. Jai Parkash. Sh. Jai Parkash. DDO - GA +91-11-43824519
Image of Sh. Trilok Chand Verma Sh. Trilok Chand Verma Scientific Assistant tcverma70[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in EMC +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Sh. Amit Bhatnagar Sh. Amit Bhatnagar Scientific Assistant amit[dot]bhatnagar[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-43824412
Image of Sh. Kuldeep Chauhan Sh. Kuldeep Chauhan Scientific Assistant kuldeepchauhan0173[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in BDS +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Smt. Poonam Chauhan Smt. Poonam Chauhan Scientific Assistant - BDS +91-11-43824579
Image of Sh. Manoj Kumar Sh. Manoj Kumar Scientific Assistant - EMC +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Sh. Ajeet kumar Sh. Ajeet kumar Scientific Assistant - GA +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Sh. Mohit Rawat Sh. Mohit Rawat Scientific Assistant - GA +91-11-43824484 / 24624588
Image of Sh. Sachin Kumar Beniwal Sh. Sachin Kumar Beniwal Scientific Assistant - NSN +91-11-43824424
Image of Sh. Bhanvinder Singh Sh. Bhanvinder Singh Scientific Assistant bhanu[dot]2910[at]imd[dot]gov[dot]in EMC -
Image of Sh. Gaurav Sangwan Sh. Gaurav Sangwan Scientific Assistant - GA +91-11-43824348
Image of Sh. Arun Sharma Sh. Arun Sharma Scientific Assistant - EMC +91-11-43824567
Image of Ms. Gyan Jyoti Ms. Gyan Jyoti Scientific Assistant - NSN -
Image of Sh. B Pandey Sh. B Pandey Scientific Assistant NESC -
Image of Sh. Rishikesh Kumar	Sh. Rishikesh Kumar Scientific Assistant - NESC -
Image of Sh. Abhiram Kumar Sh. Abhiram Kumar Scientific Assistant - NESC -
Image of Sh.  Nikhil Kumar Sh. Nikhil Kumar Scientific Assistant - NESC -
Image of Sh. S.P.Maurya Sh. S.P.Maurya Scientific Assistant - NESC -
Image of Sh. Sachin Dahiya Sh. Sachin Dahiya Scientific Assistant - EMC

BDS : Bulletin and Data Supply.

BGRL : Borehole Geophysical Research Laboratory.

BPR : Budget, Parliament and RTI.

EMC : Earthquake Monitoring Centre.

GA : General Administration.

NESC : North East Seismological Centre.

NSN : national Seismological Network.

SHM : Seismic Hazard Microzonation.

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