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National Center for Seismology

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

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S.No. Title Document
1 Microzonation of NCT Delhi on 1:10,000 scale View/Downoad English
2 A report on Seismic History and Recent Eathquakes in Seoni District, Madhya Pradesh View/Downoad English

Peer Review Publication

S.No. Title Document
1 A holistic seismotectonic model of Delhi region. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.49 MB) English
2 National seismological network in India for real-time earthquake monitoring. View/Downoad PDF icon(11.31 MB) English
3 Importance of real-time PGV in terms of lead-time and shakemaps: Results using 2018 ML 6.2 & 2019 ML 6.3 Hualien, Taiwan earthquakes. View/Downoad PDF icon(9.01 MB) English
4 Co-seismic deformation and slip distribution of 5 April 2017 Mashhad, Iran earthquake using InSAR sentinel-1A image: implication to source characterization and future seismogenesis. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.21 MB) English
5 Coda wave seismic structure beneath the Indian Ocean region and its implications to seismotectonics and structural heterogeneity. View/Downoad PDF icon(19.12 MB) English
6 Seismic Microzonation Study of South Asian Cities and Its Implications to Urban Risk Resiliency under Climate Change Scenario. View/Downoad PDF icon(14.01 MB) English
7 A new insight into seismic attenuation characteristics of Northwest Himalaya and its surrounding region: Implications to structural heterogeneities and earthquake hazards. View/Downoad PDF icon(3.22 MB) English
8 A comprehensive analysis of attenuation characteristics using strong ground motion records for the central seismic gap Himalayan region, India. View/Downoad PDF icon(3.70 MB) English
9 Appraisal of Seismic Noise Scenario at National Seismological Network of India in COVID-19 Lockdown Situation. View/Downoad PDF icon(10.59 MB) English
10 A widely felt Tremor (ML 35) of 12 April 2020 in and around NCT Delhi in the backdrop of prevailing COVID-19 pandemic lockdown: analysis and observations. View/Downoad PDF icon(3.23 MB) English
11 Monitoring the largest North Korean nuclear explosion 2017, through Indian Seismological Network. View/Downoad PDF icon(3.89 MB) English
12 Simulation of Strong Ground Motion for an Mw 7.0 Earthquake beneath the Bhutan Himalaya in NE India and its trans-boundary seismic hazard implications. View/Downoad PDF icon(7.84 MB) English
13 Source characteristics of the NW Himalaya and its adjoining region: Geodynamical implications. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.13 MB) English
14 Lithospheric seismic structure beneath two broadband station sites of the eastern part of Chhotanagpur Plateau: New constraints from receiver functions and dispersion curves. View/Downoad PDF icon(17.39 MB) English
15 Study of fault plane solutions and stress drop using local broadband network data: the 2011 Sikkim Himalaya earthquake of Mw 69 and its aftershocks. View/Downoad PDF icon(7.02 MB) English
16 Forecasting seismicity rate in the north-west Himalaya using rate and state dependent friction law. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.12 MB) English
17 Spatial and temporal distribution of seismicity parameters in northeast India: constrained to Indo-Myanmar region “. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.43 MB) English
18 Source parameters of the Bay of Bengal earthquake of 21 May 2014 and related seismotectonics of 85°E and 90°E ridges. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.55 MB) English
19 Seismic cycles and trend predictions of earthquakes in Sumatra–Andaman and Burmese subduction zones using temporal b-value and Hurst analysis. View/Downoad PDF icon(7.13 MB) English
20 Continuous GPS measurements of crustal deformation in Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.72 MB) English
21 Characteristic ground motions of the 25th April 2015 Nepal earthquake (Mw 79) and its implications for the structural design codes for the border areas of India to Nepal. View/Downoad PDF icon(3.54 MB) English
22 Assessment of maximum earthquake potential of the Kopili fault zone in northeast India and strong ground motion simulation. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.66 MB) English
23 Statistical Analysis of Aftershock Sequences related with two major Nepal Earthquakes on 25th April, 2015 (MW 79) & 12th May, 2015 (Mw 72). View/Downoad PDF icon(2.21 MB) English
24 Simulation of strong ground motion for 1905 Kangra earthquake and a possible mega thrust earthquake (Mw 85) in western Himalaya (India) using Empirical Green’s Function technique. View/Downoad PDF icon(4.27 MB) English
25 A study of characteristics of ground motion response spectra from earthquakes recorded in NE Himalayan region: an active plate boundary. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.55 MB) English
26 Five Decades of Triggered Earthquakes in Koyna-Warna Region, Western India – A Review. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.72 MB) English
27 Frequency dependent attenuation of seismic waves for Delhi and surrounding area, India. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.35 MB) English
28 Crust and upper mantle velocity structure of the northwestern Indian Peninsular Shield from inter-station phase velocities of Rayleigh and Love waves. View/Downoad PDF icon(1.56 MB) English
29 Crustal velocity structure of the Deccan Volcanic Province, Indian Peninsula, from observed surface wave dispersion. View/Downoad PDF icon(0.73 MB) English
30 Standards and Methodologies of Seismological Data Generation, Processing and Archival & Guidelines for Data Sharing and Supply. View/Downoad PDF icon(0.73 MB) English
31 Large and great earthquakes in the Shillong plateau–Assam valley area of Northeast India Region : Pop-up and transverse tectonics. View/Downoad PDF icon(2.16 MB) English
32 Lithosphere of Indus Block in the Northwest Indian Subcontinent through Genetic Algorithm Inversion of Surface-Wave Dispersion. View/Downoad PDF icon(0.23 MB) English
33 Seismicity and Tectonics of northeast India and Northern Burma. View/Downoad PDF icon(0.45 MB) English
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