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National Center for Seismology

Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India

Services & Activities

NCS provides earthquake data and seismicity reports of specific regions to various user agencies such as, insurance companies, industrial units, power houses, river valley projects etc. on payment basis. Seismological data and earthquake related information is also supplied to agencies dealing with relief and rehabilitation measures, earthquake disaster mitigation and management related matters, seismic zoning, etc


Earthquake data are shared with various scientific, academic and R&D institutions for research purposes


As part of systematic archival of historical analog charts, state-of-the-art facilities have also been established for raster scanning and vector digitization of seismic analog charts. These facilities have enabled raster scanning of a lakh old analog charts and vector digitization of significant earthquake waveforms.


In order to generate trained manpower in the field of seismology and allied subjects, NCS organizes training courses/ awareness programs in Seismology and allied subjects at various levels to station operators and scientists of departmental and various non-departmental agencies. Officers of Seismology Division also deliver lectures on various Seismology related topics, on request, for the benefit of various state / central government organizations dealing with earthquake-related matters. Familiarization training on various operational activities related to earthquake monitoring is also imparted to trainees from various organizations.