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Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India


About NCS

National Centre for Seismology (NCS) is an attached office of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India established in August 2014 after separating the Seismology Division of India Meteorological Department. It is the nodal agency of the Government of India for earthquake monitoring in the country.

Latest Earthquakes Auto Reviewed

5.3 338km SW of Quito, Ecuador 2019-08-18   09:28:20 (IST) 10.0
5.1 2069km SSE of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam 2019-08-18   07:06:44 (IST) 10.0
5.4 2728km SE of Quito, Ecuador 2019-08-18   01:50:21 (IST) 563.6
5.0 521km WSW of Rangoon, Myanmar
2019-08-18    11:18:43 (IST)
5.2 239km NW of Rangoon, Myanmar
2019-08-18    09:08:13 (IST)
5.4 208km NW of Rangoon, Myanmar
2019-08-18    08:54:19 (IST)

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NCS supplies earthquake data and seismicity reports of specific regions to various user agencies such as, insurance companies, industrial units, power houses, river valley projects etc. on payment basis. Seismological data and earthquake related information is also supplied to agencies dealing with relief

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